Photography Packing List for Iceland / by Alice Zilberberg

So you’re going to shoot in Iceland? Great! You’re in for a treat. Here’s what you should take.


Why is this on the photography packing list? Aside from your camera, a car is the most useful thing you’ll want for shooting in Iceland. If you don’t drive, or are not traveling with someone who can drive you, don’t go to Iceland. Stay home. More about cars in Iceland in the next post.


I packed a Canon 5D mark II. Any full frame censor camera body would be lovely for photography in Iceland. This camera shoots motion in addition to stills which I was happy to have. Even if you’re not shooting motion for your art photography it’s great to have the option if you want higher quality clips of your travels.

copyright Alice Zilberberg Photography

copyright Alice Zilberberg Photography


I took a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for my main lens. This is great for any landscape photography in Iceland. A smaller Canon 50mm as a backup lens won’t hurt. You can use it to shoot people or some Icelandic horses. It’s also good if you want something more light weight one day while you leave the big one back where you’re staying.

Camera Bag

If you don’t have one, get yourself a nice camera backpack you can hike with. Make sure it includes a built in rain cover, and a place for a tripod if you’re taking one. I have this bag.


Depending on what you're shooting, you might not need a tripod. But It's my advice to take one anyway - you never know how the landscape will inspire you. But don't take your heavy studio tripod. Get a lighter travel tripod that straps to your bag while you hike up on the mountains.

copyright Alice Zilberberg Photography

copyright Alice Zilberberg Photography

Adjustable Camera Strap

This might seem like a small detail but you’ll have your camera directly on you a lot when you’re out there. The regular kit camera strap your camera comes with sits on your neck will be uncomfortable when you’re hiking around. Get this one or something similar.

Hard Drive Space

If you don’t have enough sd memory cards on your trip to Iceland you will hate yourself forever and ever. I took 6 16G cards for 11 days of shooting and filled all of them.

Hiking Boots

You’re going to want to jump over rivers, walk behind waterfalls, get lost on some mountains. You’re cute city boots and running shoes won’t do. Actually Iceland will probably use it's forces to destroy them. Invest in a nice pair of hiking boots and thank me later.

copyright Alice Zilberberg Photography

copyright Alice Zilberberg Photography

Packing Light

One thing you'll notice about the list above is that it's lightweight. I always see long lists of gear when it comes to travel photography. If you're shooting a photography job for a few days in Iceland and it includes different kinds of photography, like shooting people, wildlife, etc. then yes, you should take a selection of lenses, and a backup camera body. Otherwise I suggest picking the things you know you need the most on this kind of trip, and leave the extras at home. You'll be outdoors walking the landscapes for hours at some points in Iceland, so you can't carry a lot on your back anyways. Leave some space for some snacks in your day pack.

All images copyright © Alice Zilberberg