tax tips for freelancers

Tax Tools and Tips for Freelancers

Tax season is here! And in it’s spirit; I am sharing my quick tax tips and and tools for handling your accounting for freelancers!


When I first started freelancing, I didn’t know what I can write off, what I couldn’t write off, or even if I should track my income. If you’re making a notable amount from your freelancing gigs, it’s important to find someone who can answer these questions for you, and help you feel confident about your bookkeeping. Your accountant can show you how to save on taxes by tracking things like coffee shop meetings, gig hunting expanses, and donations.


Instead of shoving all your receipts into a drawer until tax season, make your life easier by using one of the tools available on the market to do your bookkeeping as you go. Here are the best tools to consider:


QuickBooks have a beautiful dashboard, and are the fastest out of the tools I’ve tested for importing expanses. The great thing about QuickBooks is that they offer all the accounting tools needed for a small business owner, from invoicing, to payroll and inventory, to expanses. So as your business grows, you can keep everything under one roof with QuickBooks instead of switching to different software for different purposes. Read more about what they offer for tracking expanses.


FreshBooks comes close to featuring all the tools listed above, except for payroll. Payroll can be added for an additional cost. FreshBooks has an excellent mobile app, which syncs perfectly with the desktop version. You can use the app for everything! Track your time, take pictures of your invoices, and do all your accounting. I especially love how you can use the app to time tasks which you can then easily add to a job until you’re ready to invoice. Read more about how to manage your bookkeeping for tax season with Freshbooks.



Mint is a FREE personal finance service. It’s excellent for personal expanses. It’s not as good for businesses. It’s a good choice for your first year starting to freelance, until you need to upgrade to using more tools. It’s helpful for things like budgeting, creating goals and handling all your personal finance in one place. Read more about how Mint can make your tax season easier.


You can also file your taxes online by yourself.  For more information on online tax software, check out this guide.

I hope this was helpful in handling your taxes this season. What did you think about the tools above? What amazing tools do you use for your bookkeeping?


More tips from the QuickBooks team…

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