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Alice Zilberberg is an award-winning Fine-Art Photographer. She was born in Tallinn, Estonia, raised in Israel, and is now based in Toronto, Canada. Since graduating from Ryerson University’s Photography program, she has been on a mission to create and inspire creativity. Her art photography has been displayed in galleries, publications, auction houses, and collections internationally.


Zilberberg merges traditional photography and computer illustration, creating images that bridge the platforms of photography and painting. Her work marries reality and fantasy, echoing elements of surrealism and baroque art. Using photo-manipulation metaphorically, her images explore themes such as female power, the natural environment, personal identity, and the human condition.


I spent my childhood and early adulthood drawing and painting. I started playing with digital illustration and photo-manipulation before I picked up a camera. My style developed when I saw that I could manipulate photography digitally, creating surrealistic images. I’ve been working in this technique for over ten years.

“Her work places a new gloss on traditional themes. The characters in her works are women that are powerful, capable, alluring and defeating” -Bezpala Brown Gallery

“She extracts the essence of female power, removing outdated notions of a weaker sex and questioning our values” -Silvershots Magazine

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