About the Series

This project emerged from the realities of struggling with an end of a relationship that was salted dry through infidelity. After a complicated breakup, I found myself on a trip in the desert with a couple that was newly in love. Out of their affection, the arid desert, and my own desolate struggle, I found inspiration to create “Oasis”, a body of work that speaks about the lightness and darkness of love.

The environments in these images were chosen mindfully and embody multiple meanings. When traveling through the desert, I became aware of the many optical illusions it can present to the naked eye. The desert background became the symbol of the seemingly perfect qualities a lover holds when first falling in love. The backgrounds surrounding the lovers are beautiful, yet dark, and are sometimes de-saturated. This alludes to how magical things look from a distance when love is first at hand, overlooking flaws in a burgeoning relationship. The otherworldly aesthetic of the landscapes propose the chosen isolation from the rest the world that lovers feel when together. There’s a quiet here; all the noise of the outside world is silenced when new lovers are unified. Their affection is simultaneously soft and clenching, emulating lightness and darkness coexisting in the series.

From This Broken Hill, I Will Sing To You

Archival Giclée Print

30 x 45 inch
76 x 114 cm
Edition of 10


40 x 60 inch
102 x 165 cm
Edition of 5


The artwork is printed on a 100% archival museum-quality paper. To project your investment, all works are signed and have a limited edition. Once an edition is sold out, there will be no further duplicates.

Works are available framed or unframed, and all unframed prints include free shipping worldwide! Prints are professionally packaged in high-quality acid free material.

If you are unhappy with your piece upon arrival, you may return or exchange it free of charge within two weeks of shipment.

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